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Default Camp Hale July 23-25

Thanks to Farnham for setting up a great weekend event. I got up there Friday about 1PM. Tim, Bruce & Judy Paul and Matt joined next. We had a great game of horseshoes. Note: Paul is a Hustler. Farnham came after work

There were just a few of us and we thought is was going to be a quite campground. Then after dark, Randy and his family, Marco, Brent, Dave & Justin came.

A nice night around the fire.

The next day we broke into two groups. I went with Dave, Randy, his daughters, son-in law and grandkids and Justin to Holy Cross.

We got to Frenches creek and their was a traffic jam due to two guys in Land rovers continually trying to get up and finally quitting. The fact they were drinking didn't help. We finally got through and all but Dave went to Cleavland rock were Justin tried to do it in Randy's "Gecko"

Cam back down and there was a bigger traffic jam and we waited almost two hours to make it across. Got back to camp late. I think Dave set a club record for the amount of breakdowns at a single event and still made it off the trail under his own power.

Another great night around the camp fire and "Chez Romer". We enjoyed music bu Tim Nakari and the drinking wheelers, and just had a great time all around.

Thanks Farnham for another great club run
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