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Thanks for all the suggestions. I got most of the gasket off and Robbie finished up the job.

So the motor is back together now. Robbie and I learned a couple of new things about my specifiic year of FJ40. An 11/73 is a 74 model year. It has special head bolt lengths (6 1/4 inch long). Toy discontinued the bolts and I could only find used ones from Spector ($12 each and not all the bolts were usable that they sent). Also, the improved F motor has a cam that is more like the 2F. So Man-A-Fre sent the wrong cam. Good news was that Robbie knew a guy that could drill the correct oil holes in the cam Man-A-Fre sent. Man-A-Fre said they weren't going to replace the cam unless I paid to ship it back, then they would was going to take 1-2 weeks according to them if we didn't drill the holes ourselves. Now I am trying to get them to pay the machine shop work. What a pain. Anyway, make sure if you order the cam you inspect it. It is easy to miss.
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