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We had no oil pressure to the top end when Robbie put the motor together. Had to take it back apart to find the missing/wrong oil holes. Lots of extra work and headaches. Good news is that after Robbie finished up my motor runs better than ever. Robbie does great work. I didn't know my motor should be that quiet. Especially at around 2,000 rpms it is so smooth now. It used to run so rough. Guess I never knew how it should sound until now.

Running hot right now for some reason, but I am working on that. Also, I had Robbie install a speedi sleeve on the transfer rear output. That seemed to make it leak more. Not sure why as the seal was only 300 miles old. Robbie suggested I pull the seal and use a Toy part instead of the knock-off. I went to Coney Flats this weekend and it is leaking even more now so I will have to get that fixed. I have replaced the myself several times already so any suggestions would be helpful. I even had a guy install it for me last time. Guess having Robbie do it is my next step.
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