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Default Why does it matter/

Originally Posted by J Kimmel View Post
why does any of this even matter?
J Kimmel, this matters because the Toyota FSM tells owners and mechanics alike to use a form of grease that is incompatible with what the vehicle is filled up with,

When a lithium based grease is introduced to this component a chemical reaction occurs between the grease bases,
This allows the oil that is mixed into grease to thin out, into a viscosity of a gear oil,
Then oil leaks develop at the wiper seal
The problem is generally mis diagnosed as axle seal failure, the whole thing gets torn back down and the only reason for this is because of introducing the incorrect form of grease.

If the owner and or mechanic is unaware of the incompatible grease, the problem may re-occur if the entire assembly and all components are not cleaned very well,.

So for this axle on a Land crusier it is better to leave it alone, they will last many years, if they are left alone,
30 years is common

While this component on these rigs has the potential of lasting even longer than 30 years, when you use what is recommended in the Toyota FSM it turns some thing that is described as" Practically maintance free" in to a regular old piece of crap that needs to be serviced regularly

That is why it matters, and I feel you guys should know this , as to far as why Toyota says to use a incompatible grease, ask them, they wont tell me
When I did I was told there was a "privacy act"

I have taken quite a bit a flack from all sorts of folks on this subject, but I understand and I dont care, this subject has been intentionally misdirected from the Auto mobile manufactures, including Domestic manufactures,

As soon as you all stop with the silly comments you will find me to be very polite and a good source of info on this subject,
But as I stated before stop looking at what Toyota is telling you,and look at this axle and study what they did,
What they did was fill it with a semi fluid grease, all of the improvements that Toyota made to this replicated axle where to contain a semi fluid grease,

There is no advantage to use a #2 grease in this application, none,