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Default Toyota experts

Ok I sent Mark a few emails, see what he thinks

I am hoping that he has a bit more informed answer that other Toyota experts have told me

Your question was

This question is for Ted Ritter or any other Toyota tech, What type of semi-fluid lube is used for initail fill for the Toyota straight axle?(steering knuckle) from what I have gathered it is not a #2 lithium based grease
this semi fluid lube is a #0 soda or sodium based lube.from all that I have compiled. since its obvious this design is meant for a fluid type lube Why does the FSM indicate to use a #2 thick grease?? , when they are filled with a semi fluid that gets misdiagnosed as gear oil contaimination because poor Toyota folks simply dont know any better and dont know this form of lube exists,

"But this is outside of my expertise."

Expert: Ted Ritter
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