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Default Bushing

Originally Posted by Dr. Schlegs View Post
Hey Francis,

Stockholm syndrome is positive feelings towards captors that appear irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims. We are not in danger!! Go save a bear cub, instead.

However, . . . no axle will live without being serviced for 30 years plain and simple. Your mechanic A and B is worthless. Those bad boys only fit one way in the knuckle, you can't rotate them. The bolt pattern will not allow it, unless you are able to bend spoons with your mind as well. Further all the goop you are attempting to sell will pee right out of the knuckle.

Dr, Schlegs,

The bushing in the spindle hub can be changed, the cost of these replacement bushings range anywhere from 20- 50 bucks,
No axle that can live for 30 years without being serviced,? nope, gotta nasty old Ford with this style axle that is original , that is almost 40 years,