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Default Sunday Carnage Canyon.

It was an epic adventure to be sure. The trail lived up to its name, but we had a blast!

Only got a few pics because I wanted to ride, which didn't leave a lot of time for picture grabbing.

Trail is maybe 1 mile long. Started at 8:30, got off at 6.

Here are a few pics I got from around the V-notch obstacle.

The approach:

We rode the cage a lot.

Here we found out that bead lock bolts can dig into the rock enough to keep you from rolling over.

I stayed in because it was too close to going over and I didn't feel like getting crushed while exiting.

There is a sign at the entrance indicating 39" tires minimum. They are. We hung up all over the place on 40's. I sense a set of 42's in UB's future.

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