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Default practically maintance free for the life time of the vehicle

Originally Posted by nakman View Post

BTW, I drove a truck on Friday night with 30 year old axles.. that thing's ready to go another 30.
I agree, while 30 years is more realistic these axles are described as practically maintance free, for the lifetime of the vehicle, since even 30 years is hard to sell, I will stick to that, and even Kurt Williams will tell you the same thing

I would say that if you could get this snake oil, change the wiper seal assembly once in a blue moon, your good to go,
The wiper seal will get worn out over time, and the discharge will be excessive,

As far as Bob the oil guy, probrobly not going to know much about this axle and not anything about this grease, that was all but eliminated 70 years ago,

You guys go talk to Bob, as far as I know that site could be a mushroom factory,