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Originally Posted by MattFJ40 View Post
Thanks for all the suggestions. I got most of the gasket off and Robbie finished up the job.

So the motor is back together now. Robbie and I learned a couple of new things about my specifiic year of FJ40. An 11/73 is a 74 model year. It has special head bolt lengths (6 1/4 inch long). Toy discontinued the bolts and I could only find used ones from Spector ($12 each and not all the bolts were usable that they sent). Also, the improved F motor has a cam that is more like the 2F. So Man-A-Fre sent the wrong cam. Good news was that Robbie knew a guy that could drill the correct oil holes in the cam Man-A-Fre sent. Man-A-Fre said they weren't going to replace the cam unless I paid to ship it back, then they would was going to take 1-2 weeks according to them if we didn't drill the holes ourselves. Now I am trying to get them to pay the machine shop work. What a pain. Anyway, make sure if you order the cam you inspect it. It is easy to miss.
That is correct, the 1974 F was a transition year. It still had many of the attributes of the prior F engines including bore and stamped rocker cover, but in that year they changed the oiling plumbing and ran the rocker oil up through the tower as normal for 2Fs. One of the ways you can spot that year's F is that the oil filter will be mounted in the 2F location in front of the distributor on the block, instead of the F location on the bracket on the intake manifold with the hoses that run to and from the block.

The F oiling scheme oils the rocker through the cross drilled holes in the cam #2 journal where it goes up to the rocker in a tube to a banjo fitting, while the 2F oiling system it gets pumped through cam journal #3 directly up through galleries in the block and rocker tower.

Most aftermarket cams I have seen are cross drilled in both #2 and #3 journals so they can be used in either F or 2F applications. I am little surprised MAF didn't know better.
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