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Default FJCruiser Summit 2010

Wow what a great time! Also great to see a few Rising Sun members present..

Three Wheel Ben, TTubb, SRTFJBus, Rockrunner (Tom came up from Durango for the day on Saturday, to run Black Bear),
Corbet (stopped by for suspension Sunday before his wife figured out he was gone), and Sharkbait.

After reading the other posts, it sounds like Rising Sun was well represented in the mountains this weekend!!

Tuesday Solo Black Bear run, some rain made it a bit spooky to be solo, MY FJC is way to clean

meeting up with some FJC buddies at the Ouray KOA, comparing mods..

Wednesday Pre-run Black Bear with Chris Hatfield and a FJC crew

Thursday 1st day to spot the 3-4 FJC runs and a bit nervous as it rained all night Wednesday
and still a bit Thursday morning. Now I know why Robbie said I needed chain in my recovery bag..
I totaled my slightly used 2 year old ARB strap on this rock...oh well..

With some help from Chris and a FJC guy named Shane, I was able to swivel the 6ton boulder,
so that I could squeeze by on the shoulder and then after a 20 foot pull,
the trail leveled and Chris had to squeeze by on the shoulder to pull me and the boulder..don't have a pic, Chris might.

So we thought we would be good to go until I came upon this slide..
It was like soup on the top and we decided not safe to go over.

So Chris took his group to Silvertron to run trails and I headed back to Ouray to pick up Melinda and the kids and headed over Imogene..

Sunset on Last Dollar back to Ouray..favorite Baja style driving road of all time..

Friday, Chris Hatfield spotted all the runs on Black Bear, I had promised a family day with no wheeling,
so after lunch at the Ouray mine, it was time to allow the kids to fall asleep and...go wheeling..snuck up on CR 14 and 14A..
14A was a bit of the road less traveled, and I found a ledgy section that took me to just at 30 degrees angle,
wife got a little spooked and found another rock in the trail so had to either back down at 30 degrees or find a spot to turn around...
felt a lot more steep then the picture shows..

Melinda driving the FJ just before the 30 degree angle started..

Saturday my turn to lead the first run and spot the rest of the runs for the day..

Stand off with my buddy, whom got used to me visiting this week..I waited a good 3-4 minutes for him to decide I could continue.

BTW Ken, thanks for loaning me your banner.. I put it to good use on Saturday.

Lots of folks enjoy rock crawling in Ouray this time of year..

Also while Chris and I were busy leading and spotting during the day,
Chris manned the TLCA booth in the early evenings and signed up 23 new members and sold 6 of our club Grille Badges...
Thanks Chris!!!!
I gave 2 presentations: a recovery gear 101 and a Recovery Scenarios slide show..
It was great preparing for these presentations and I learned a bunch.
Special thanks to Robbie for meeting me on his Sunday morning prior to review the essentials for a recovery bag.

I guess I need to start taking more pics of other vehicles...
2001 UZJ100 Mel's rig now!
2016 Tacoma TRD OR DBCSB
TLCA# 18518
Off Road Pics

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