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Default transmission slips...Now what?

Driving up to the mountains following my dad in his suburban, My 1997 4runner with an auto, starts to slip. at first not to noticeable, but got worse with more driving, it would also hold shifts for a while.

but once it cools down, it doesnt slip and shifts normally...

The fluid isnt black, and doesnt looks TOO burnt/oxidized. a/t oil temp light came on and that is when I parked it and we towed it back to the house. I'm hoping that I just pushed it a little too hard and it over heated, not causing too much damage.

The last thing I want to do is put a transmission in but if I need to I will.

I thought about a 5 speed swap, but it needs an engine harness swapped in too... thats not out of my skill level but it isnt something I have time to do right now as my 4runner is my dd and I need it to get places.

also, if it does need a auto, any reccomendations on where to pick one up?

Thanks, Max

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