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Originally Posted by PabloCruise View Post
Any great resources out there (w/ pics)?

Someone kindly broke the windshield in my 40 on a Friday night/Saturday morning a few weeks back.

I know it is rumored to be ridiculously easy, but I started to remove the old windscreeen and I am just cracking the heck out of it. This is not instilling the confidence needed to install a new piece of glass...

Any tips or tricks I should know about using the rope trick to install a 40 windshield?

Hi TJ,

I installed a new windshield in my 71 a couple years back. First one I ever did; I asked my buddies down at the auto body shop a few blocks from my house for advice, and they ended up helping out through the whole process. They didn't charge me, but I bought them a 12 pack anyway. It wasn't super-hard, but there are definitely tricks that they taught me that made it much easier.

I bought a new OEM windshield from Stevinson. The price was good, (~$100), but it turned out to be wrong application, just about an inch too wide. I took it to a local glass shop to get it cut down. Turns out there is a trick to that too, and after I saw how it is done I said "I could'a done that!".

If you have to cut the glass, you score it in the normal way you'd score any glass with a glass cutter. You have to score both sides (Safety glass is plastic sandwiched between glass on each side). Then you pour methanol on it and light it. This uniformly softens the plastic inside so the glass doesn't crack. Then using pliers, you break the glass where you scored it. Then smooth the edges with a belt sander.

On to the install itself:

I used a new OEM gasket. If you re-use your old gasket, obviously YMMV. Ige suggested silicone; the body shop guys use lots of glass cleaner as lubricant and it works great and leaves no residue. Yes, you MUST use the rope, and I was surprised at the large diameter needed. Around 1/4" IIRC. Use nylon rope (not sissel or PP) so it can deform and is smooth. You use it to pull the flap of gasket into the frame, it needs to go all the way around. I suppose you could do it by yourself, but two makes it SO easy. One on the inside pulling the rope and one on the outside positioning the glass/gasket assembly and pushing the glass/gasket into the frame. Once it is set, you will want to do some pushing from one side and the other to get the flanges of the gasket properly seats over the inside of the frame. Again, LOTS of glass cleaner as lubricant.

Your 78 does not have the locking strip my 71 does, so I won't go into the details of that part of the install.

You can do it! Take pictures and submit to Toyota Trails! Good luck and happy cruisin'!
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