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I did not think of article submission! That could be fun!

It sounds like you all will have a fun party. The chances of me driving the 40 down from the Fort with a broken windshield for that would be small...

I pulled my old glass last night. Once I got the bottom edge of the gasket over the metal edge it was ver easy to remove. I am amazed how strong the glass actually is. Someone must have really put their arm into it to put such a break on my windshield. Oh well!

I had a original Toyota piece out of a square 40 ('79 or 80) as a template. It is nice that is one thing Toyota did NOT change pre-'78 to '79 and later. I got a new piece of PPG cut for $100.

My orig gasket was pretty nice. I have heard that GOOP hand cleaner works wonders for restoring old rubber pieces, so I tested it out on my windshield washer motor cover gasket and it seemed to soften the piece up. So I slathered up the windshield gasket with Goop and then rinsed it, now it is around the new glass. I also found some Sil-Glyde at the parts store. I was debating about using that or glass cleaner to lube the opening. I will let you know what works!

I also think I have two tall people to help hold the windshield from the outside while I pull the rope.

Wish me luck!

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