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Default Has Anyone Installed ByPass Tranny to TC

So, I noticed that my transfer case it transferring oil to the tranny in my FJ40. From what I read online it seems like a pretty common problem. I am temporarily living in limbo so most of my tools are in a POD somewhere in Colorado. So, I don't have the means to drop the TC and replace the seal. Nor am I sure that it would solve the problem because some folks online have suggested a worn Tranny output shaft is the real problem.

Anyway, have any of you tried the bypass? I was just going to buy the one from MAF because I don't have the patience right now to source the parts. Below is the link for the MAF bypass.

Is there a better one I should use? I have also heard people say they leave it on even after they fix the seal as an insurance policy. Any thoughts on that?

As always, thanks for everyone’s comments.


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