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Originally Posted by Bruiser View Post
So, I noticed that my transfer case it transferring oil to the tranny in my FJ40. From what I read online it seems like a pretty common problem. I am temporarily living in limbo so most of my tools are in a POD somewhere in Colorado. So, I don't have the means to drop the TC and replace the seal. Nor am I sure that it would solve the problem because some folks online have suggested a worn Tranny output shaft is the real problem.

Anyway, have any of you tried the bypass? I was just going to buy the one from MAF because I don't have the patience right now to source the parts. Below is the link for the MAF bypass.

Is there a better one I should use? I have also heard people say they leave it on even after they fix the seal as an insurance policy. Any thoughts on that?

As always, thanks for everyone’s comments.


Hi Justin,

After I did my 4 speed conversion, I had this issue also.

I realized I had not put sealant on the tranny output shaft splines when I mated the two, even though I used a new OEM seal.

Instead of paying the bucks for a "kit", I simply went to my local hardware store and got a couple of 1/8 NPT to 1/8 barb fittings, some 1/8 ID tubing, drilled and tapped my fill plugs, stuck the tubing on the barbs and went about my business. That was 4 years ago and all is well. One of these days, whenever I have occasion to unmate the tranny and t-case I'll put some sealant on those splines. In the mean-time, it's all good.
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