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I agree with Jeff all the way.

I have the VX-3r and an older HT with the FT-8800 mounted in my truck. Forget the 3r we already covered the limited range on it. Any HT you get is going to have 5 watts~ and if you hook it up to an external antenna a little better reception but not really that much more distance since it is still 5 watts.

A full size radio ranges from 35 to 75 watts, with a good antenna you can reach people on simplex 50-75 miles away. I reached YB on my radio in Roxborough (south west Littleton) while he was wheeling on Jenny Creek. Had I tried this with a HT it would never have reached.

Cost wise you are also better of with a hard mount. You can get a 2800 or 2900 for about $175 new, add an antenna for about $75 and you are set. Total cost about $250 give or take with tax.

Go the HT route $375 for a radio, $75 for antenna, $40 for a mike, $30 for a 12 v power supply, a case to keep it protected $30 and an extra battery if you want it but don't need it. Total about $550

Now if JT wants to move it from on to another vehicle he can still do that. Buy a mag mount antenna and a 12v adaptor plug plus an extra mount and you are done. Swap takes about ten minutes and the extra mount costs $4.50 from Yeasu.

Take it for what you will and I am sure you can find cheaper prices or more expensive, these are just the prices I saw when I was shopping.
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