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Originally Posted by 60wag View Post
Take pictures for the TT article.
Unfortunately, time was not on my side last night, I did not get pictures.

My #1 priority was getting the glass in. I asked Leanne to take pics, but our little guy was melting down after a hard day of playing, and she couldn't find the camera. I know, I know,

Once I had both neighbors who were willing to help standing by the Cruiser I went for it and abandoned hope of documenting the process.

The good news for those of you planning the replacement party is that this was easier than falling off a log. I think the guys holding the glass in place had a harder job than me. I grabbed the rope (1/8th inch nylon - sold as # mason line) and let 'er rip! When I got to the top on one side I noticed it got a little snug to pull out, so I went back to the other end of the rope waiting for me in the middle of the bottom of the windshield. I ran that up to the top of the other side. I then had my helpers pus the glass down a little in the rubber and worked the top in place!

Very easy and high sense of accomplishment!

A quick test drive last night and I was amazed at how nice and clear the view was vs. my old ratty previous view. I highly recommnd replacing yours if it is getting pitted. Don't forget to replace windshield wipers anytime you put in new glass.

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