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Default Bearing Preload/Spindle Wear/Spinning Bearing

Hi All,
Cross posting this from mud as I'm not getting much traffic over there and I know some folks don't visit there much (though if I wanted to make my cruiser look like a JK I'd be golden ). I've read through a number of the spindle & bearing threads on mud, but still a bit confused.

Here's the situation.

1. Bought the cruiser, found out shortly after the front wheel bearings were loose.
2. Tightened the adjusting nuts up, and was still getting noise when driving, which I didn't like too much.
3. Tore into the front axle and found the the races ruined, bearings low on grease and wear on the spindle.
4. Did a full front axle maintenance with new bearings and races, etc.
5. Took the following measurements of the spindle. All measurements were for the outer bearing. Inner | and - is the interior up/down and left/right measurement where the bearing was not riding. Outer is where the bearing was spinning and wearing the spindle.

Inner | 1 & 780/1000ths
Inner - 1 & 779/1000ths
Outer | 1 & 778/1000ths
Outer - 1 & 779/1000ths
net 2/1000's of an inch wear up/down.

Inner | 1 & 782/1000ths
Inner - 1 & 782/1000ths
Outer | 1 & 779/1000ths
Outer - 1 & 779/1000ths
net wear 3/1000's of an inch wear up/down

1. During reassembly, went through the procedure in the FSM. However, to get above the min 6.4lbf fishscale on the hub, I had to torque the inner bearing well above the 4lbf spec'd. Probably at least up to 40lbf+ area to get correct fishscale reading.
2. A few weeks ago did a full break job, requiring the hubs to get pulled . Passenger side looked fine, but it appeared as if the DS bearing was spinning on the spindle (the thrust/claw washer had wear marks in the inner side).

So I am trying to figure out the relationship between bearings spinning on the spindle, preload on the adjusting nut, and spindle wear.

1. Does too much preload on the bearing/adjusting nut have the potential to cause it to spin on the spindle? I would think not....but didn't know if there was a "too high/too low causes spinning on spindle" From the second thread above I would think that such little increase in rolling resistance wouldn't cause the bearing to spin on the spindle instead of the race.
2. Does too much wear on the spindle, even when adjusted to the proper preload case the bearing to spin on the spindle? And by extension when a spindle is worn it takes too much torque on the adjusting nut to get proper preload?
3. Or is it a potential combination that does it? I am trying to figure out if I just had too much preload on the bearings causing them to spin (in which case I can decrease preload, also decreasing the fish-scale measurement. Sounds like this may be ok if there is no play in the hub? ) Or if maybe I need to order up a new spindle as decreasing preload would just increase the spin-on-spindle problem.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Pre-rebuild pics:

'97 lx450, 170k, factory lockers, ome 850/863, 285's, 4 working doors(1 more than the old fj55 )
'74 project pig (sold)
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