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Originally Posted by RicardoJM View Post
Corey, am I reading correctly that it is now at 40-50 ft/lbs of preload? If this is the case, I would not wait 500 miles before checking. When I did my disk brake conversion up front I was having trouble getting the pre-load correct and recall that at 20 ft lbs. my hubs were too hot to touch after a very short drive. In my situation, both sides of my claw washers were grooved; once I replaced them with new I had no trouble getting the specified pre-load.
Partly correct The DS that was spinning I redid this weekend, and is probably at 15-25ft/lbs now. The PS is still probably at 40ft/lbs. (I am indeed worried that it would heat up too much at highway speeds. Around town at 45mph it seemed to stay warm but not hot. I may tear into that side this upcoming weekend....and see if loosening the preload on the PS side makes it start to spin on the race/spindle.
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