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Thanks for posting the video Rui! Very cool. And thanks again for the pics. I finally have some posted on my Smugmug account, so I'll post a few here. I've already picked a handful to submit to TT with an article. Cover quality stuff.

A few of Rui's pics:

The day started off with perfect weather and it stayed with us most of the day. We met in Conifer, did some introductions and then headed for the hills. We aired down in Jefferson and then started up the roads headed for Georgia Pass. My dad was visiting from Michigan and had a great time. He had never been up into the mountains before, so being able to go on the run was really cool. He had an awesome time and was impressed with the 40's and also with the great people driving them.

The M&M's start to assemble

Airing Down in Jefferson. Check out all those nice rigs!

Our destination for the day.

On Georgia Pass and heading down the South Fork of the Swan.

The group Re-grouped at the river crossing before heading to the North Fork

As we headed up the Steep long hill climbs of the North Fork we ran into a lot of downhill traffic. I had words with a couple of dirt bikers who were passing our group on a narrow road at high speed and throwing rocks. This guy was a tool.

A few of us had vapor lock on the hill cimb (including me) and it was a real task trying to manage the trail traffic at the top and bottom with several rigs incapacitated along the trail. Thanks to Matt and Mike my tail gunners for helping out at the bottom, and Drew, Rui, Doug and Dan for directing traffic up top.

A great hypothesis was brought up regarding why so many rigs vapor locked. Could it be the high Ethanol content of the fuel we have today? Possible, I think. Probably vaporizes at a lower temp than "real" fuel would.

The group reached the top of Wise Mtn, checked out the cabin, met some goats and ate some lunch before heading over the trails above treeline towards the Middle Fork.

My Dad and I on Wise Mtn.

After our rest stop on Wise Mtn. We headed up the steep climb before the Saints John and Deer Creek trails split off the North Fork. The hill climb was loose and fun. A few of the rigs had fuel trouble again, but everyone made it up eventually. Great Views up there. And check out all those 40s!! Thanks again for taking the pics Rui!

Once we all made the climb, we headed off towrds the Middle Fork, which dropped us back down into the trees and back in the direction we came, making a nice loop.

Thanks again to everyone who came. Great day.

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