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Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
We were all pretty much using the same type of fuel, why then did many of the mechnically pumped, carbbed vehicles never skip a beat?
Makes you wonder though? Are all gases really the same, or might you get a better quality gas from somewhere like Conoco as opposed to the Loaf -n- Jug? Mike and I were chatting about the 10% ethanol thing in the back of the line (which I think is a good theory), but maybe some cheaper gas has a higher concentration than 10%?

Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
Several of the "vapor lock" issues I saw appeared to actually be engines loading up from being too rich. That could be due to a carb needing rebuilt, floats too high, sea level jets at high elevation, ignition timing not set for high elevation, etc. All of those things are amplified at elevation and we were running between 11,000 and 12,600 most of the day.
In the case of the two brothers in the blue FJ40 (sorry - I've already forgotten their names), they had ongoing problems with idling, but their truck did really well maintaining RPMs and climbing. But another data point is that these guys were on the same run a year ago and no issues at all. Only difference is that it was much colder last year (which may be all that truck needed?).
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