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Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
simpson? think we can trade back for peyton hillis
ummm no

we're too busy drafting 2nd and 3rd rounders in the 1st and giving people away because they're not 'mc-dbag's guys'

let's see who are 'mcdaniels guys' so far:
1. know show moreno
2. robert ayers
3. alphonso smith
4. darcel mcbath
5. timmmmmm 'the jersey pusher' tebowwwwww

too bad this isn't the XFL we probably could win a few in that league with mcdaniels drafting for us. ..

we could've had percy harvin, orakpo, brian cushing, clay matthews, among others...oh well....

at least my prediction earlier about tim t-bag selling a lot of jerseys so hopefully we can afford the top 6 pick we get next year seems to be spot on so far, of course by then we'll need a handful of top 10 picks to piece this roster back together after 2 straight years of rounds 1-3 fantastic failures and single handedly blowing up a decent offensive roster.

i'm not bitter
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