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In the early hours of the trip I too thought I was having vapor lock issues. As the day went on I realized that I was actually having problems with flooding rather than starving. My carb kept "loading up" as Randy called it and I couldn't figure out why, others commented on how it seemed to be running too rich. Whenever I had to stop my engine would stall and I'd crank and crank until it would fire and I could get moving again. As long as I was moving it would run OK.
When I got so frustrated and decided to head for home (the first time) before climbing up to Wise Mountain I decided to fool with the carb a bit. I lowered the float after noticing fuel pouring out of the carb. I hoped that the float was set to high and causing the flooding. I was able to get up to the cabin in one try without stalling out. Once on top and sitting back in line the flooding still happened and I didn't want to try the steep climb to the ridge. I decided I was done and heading back down. Well a little more tweaking and I got it running again. I inadvertently stayed way behind the group and was able to keep moving without problems until I had to stop again.
I ultimately made it back fairly easily to Jefferson since we moved so quickly back. After airing up I tried to get on to 285 and stalled again in front of Martin. Got it started and drove without issue to Conifer for dinner. After dinner, more tweaking, got it running smoth and drove on into Denver. It stalled at every stop I made back to the house once I got into town.
I tore off the float bowl when I got home and checked the needle and seat to see if it was stuck, that was my last hope of trying to figure out what was happening. No luck, the needle moved freely. I replaced it anyway with a new one I had on hand.
After doing some searching of the world wide web I now think that the O-ring around the needle valve wasn't fitting well enough to seal. What I found said that it is a common occurence on vehicles that sit for long periods of time.

I'll run it a little bit this week and see if that solves my problems. Thanks for listening and being patient with me on the trail.

Oh yeah, I'm running a 350 CFM Holley 2300 carb on a 2F. I've got all of the goodies installed in the carb that Downey says will help off road, and I think they do.

Thanks again Martin for planning and pre-runnning the trail. I think we all enjoyed it.
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