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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Does the carb fan really do that much for you while driving? I had always thought it was more for cooling the carb down after you shut the engine off, that's why it's supposed to run for another minute or so.

And fun video AFA, had to wait until last night at home to watch it, but that camera's pretty impressive.
Thanks for kudos on the Vid, it was my first with that cam.

I have an 1982 FJ40, my carb fan runs while I am driving, I can hear it while I'm idling sometimes. When I desmoged the rig, I made sure to keep the sensor that was attached to another piece of desmog equipment, I placed it relatively close to its original location (facing the exhaust manifold). All I can say is that I did not vapor lock on the trail and have never vapor locked, I have used low octane gas since I got the rig in mid 2009, the fan puts out plenty of air directly on the carb...don't know how well it works, but I doubt the Toyota engineers put a fan there just for visual aesthetics, they must have had some data feedback to come up with an idea of putting a carb fan. My 2 cents...
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