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The story is that over time those nuts came loose. Romer imparted some wisdom about the rebuild of an 80 axle with regard to the steering arm and replacement of the trunnion bearing. I guess when I had placed all the good stuff in the Front Axle I did not torque and whack the steering arms enough. Romer reported this is a common issue on the 80's. As a result, things started to snowball from there, with strain being placed on the bearings, inner axle, etc.

The trail is mild, but this thing was working itself loose. As Ricardo, mentioned several times this afternoon, "better it happened here, than on I-70 going 70-80 mph." It could have gone from a headache on the trail to a head injury on I-70.

Everyone that was out there learned something, with maybe the exception of Robbie. Ricardo and I where blown away by how effortlessly Robbie was able to set the 80 up for a safe recovery. We learned about what spare parts one should have, as well as what a good trail tool-kit should have in it.

I personally learned the value of HAM. If it was not for the HAM Radio we would not have been able to call over to the crew on Spring Creek for some help. It was awesome to see Romer coming up the hill with parts and Robbie with his tool-box in hand. Brady, Romer, Robbie, Zepp, Ricardo, Jeff Zettle, Brandon and myself had a few good laughs in the process, to ease the stress of the situation. I wish I could been been able to learn more about everyone under different circumstances.

As far as the Grease Debate, I still don't understand the whole "elemental thing", but I know what I should get for the 80 now. I never studied grease in doctor school.

I try to have a well maintained rig, but sometimes things just happen. And when they do happen I know that members of RS will be there to get you out of a jam.

Again Thank you Robbie, Romer, Brady, Ricardo, Brandon, Zepp and Zettle.

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"Bad decisions make great stories."
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