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And finally, the carnage.

The pictures don't really do justice to how sketchy it was. You can't tell how steep it really is right there (although Kevin's tailbone probably can ) and the PS that broke was dug in on the uphill side. We had Brandon come down from the top and we attached a strap from his FJC to the 80 as an anchor. We then piled rocks in front of Brandon's front tires and in front of Kevin's rear tires before we started jacking up the front of the 80.

Our initial thought was to move the front end over a couple feet but we abandoned that idea. In the end we had 3 hi-lift jacks on the front bumper (and yeah, my 60" jack is bent - but it came in handy for the first time in 3+ years ), a bottle jack on top of a tire wheel under the axle/diff, and then we also used Kevin's winch that was strapped off a tree uphill on the PS to keep the front end from swinging toward the DS and off the lifts.

Even with all that Robbie and Jeff still ended up having to dig out around and under the PS tire to get the tire to come off. Oh, and putting on lug nuts with air tools makes it REALLY tough to get them off on the trail

All I can say is that the fact that Romer had the needed parts and Robbie offered his expertise was a HUGE help...We'd probably still be up there trying to get the rig off the trail if it weren't for them

The rest of us did what we could: grabbing tools, cleaning parts, etc. and generally trying to keep up with Robbie and stay out of his way

Anna (sp?) decided that since Kevin's 80 was busted that she'd hop in the plush Lexus for a spell - Hey Kevin...after you get the 80 all fixed up, Anna could use a good brushing

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Anyone that owns an 80, or any off road vehicle will realize that the PS tire is not supposed to be in this position

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Look can see daylight between the axle housing end and the rear of the knuckle...not good...The tire/hub/knuckle basically separated from the axle when the knuckle studs let go. Aye Carumba!!

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