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I've replaced the volume/power/squelch knobs on my FT-8800R a couple of times. They are co-linear potentiometers with a push switch, so a lot happening in a small area and thus are fragile and prone to bending and snapping. Be careful where you mount the face so that it can't be bumped or stepped on.

In my case I had my radio mounted up high near the ceiling. One side was broken due to an indiscriminate dog who bumped his noodle on the lower right knob and bent the shaft and the other was the clumsy oaf driver hitting his noodle one too many times. The shafts are soft brass and do not lend themselves easily to bending back for repair nor (being cast) are very amenable to soldering.

OTOH, now if (or when) it happens to others, I know the part numbers and technique to replacing them... They are not expensive, about $8 IIRC.

IMVHO the radio is pretty delicate for the inside of a FJ40 and seemed marginal inside a relatively less abusive Hilux. But none-the-less, I have moved it out of the truck and inside the house and expect it to live out its life as a base station radio...
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