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Hi Brent,

I just gave a recovery gear 101 presentation, so I can take a stab a this for you, also. You can buy a kit pre-made but they seem kind of expensive and I had to build mine over time.. Anything over 100.00 and I have to get a Purchase Order approval, so I like to fly under the radar...

Basic kit
- 2 pair of gloves, one for under your drivers seat and one for your recovery bag $10.00
- Standard recovery strap, get the one with the highest rating, I have an ARB it was $66.00 at an event I was just at.
-tree saver strap, pretty standard across the board, usually $30-50.00
-2 or 3 D-shackles or D-rings look for 4T or higher on the WLL (weight load limit) rating, it is stampped on the shackle
-"High Lift" jack 48" is probably plenty 60" seems really big $50.00
-Shovel, resin handle vs. wood (just learned that one) $no more then $20.00
- Bill Burke's "Getting Unstuck" video $29.00
-bag or pack to carry all this in... I just got an ARB bag for $40.00, they also have some new water proof ones that are super cool...

Maybe more advanced Kit additions
-Snatch block $100.00
-Chain 15 feet of 70 gage ( i think that is the correct gage)
-Winch Warn 8000 will do..$600.00 nicer is a Superwinch probably like $1200.00
-Kinetic rope $120.00
-High lift adapter to fit your sliders, just got one super cool $45.00
-hitch receiver for recovery options if you have a hitch

I am sure I am leaving out some other stuff

Forgot my tool box of shinny new tools..
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