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Starting out I don't didn't have much. I still don't, but my list is growing. I picked up pieces here and there. One of the Auto parts stores was changing over to a different brand of hand tools, so I picked up an almost full set of metrics and some other hand tools for $150. Pawn shops have a lot of good stuff too, and you can get for cheep. I have picked up some craftsman at a pawn shop once that was beat, and I turned it in for new.

I would add a flashlight and a section of hard brake line (coil it up and you are good to go) to the list of things needed.

After seeing some of the set-ups others in the club had I figured just a high-lift would be good and I could get rid of my stock bottle jack. Well after yesterday, while it is not the most sexy tool in the arsenal it proved to be very handy, and I am glad that I kept it. We placed it on a spare steel rim (base) and jacked up the axle. Somethings things are more useful than they appear.
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