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Originally Posted by Chris sandstorm FJ View Post
Hi Brent,

I just gave a recovery gear 101 presentation, so I can take a stab a this for you, also. You can buy a kit pre-made but they seem kind of expensive and I had to build mine over time.. Anything over 100.00 and I have to get a Purchase Order approval, so I like to fly under the radar...

Basic kit
- 2 pair of gloves, one for under your drivers seat and one for your recovery bag $10.00
- Standard recovery strap, get the one with the highest rating, I have an ARB it was $66.00 at an event I was just at.
-tree saver strap, pretty standard across the board, usually $30-50.00
-2 or 3 D-shackles or D-rings look for 4T or higher on the WLL (weight load limit) rating, it is stampped on the shackle
-"High Lift" jack 48" is probably plenty 60" seems really big $50.00
-Shovel, resin handle vs. wood (just learned that one) $no more then $20.00
- Bill Burke's "Getting Unstuck" video $29.00
-bag or pack to carry all this in... I just got an ARB bag for $40.00, they also have some new water proof ones that are super cool...

Maybe more advanced Kit additions
-Snatch block $100.00
-Chain 15 feet of 70 gage ( i think that is the correct gage)
-Winch Warn 8000 will do..$600.00 nicer is a Superwinch probably like $1200.00
-Kinetic rope $120.00
-High lift adapter to fit your sliders, just got one super cool $45.00
-hitch receiver for recovery options if you have a hitch

I am sure I am leaving out some other stuff

Forgot my tool box of shinny new tools..
Chris lists an excellent set of Recovery tools and hopefully this answers your question

You made the comment about breaking stuff, are you asking what tools and spares you should carry IN ADDITION to the Recovery gear?

My daughter has a 99 4runner 3rd gen. We carry a rebuilt Toyota CV axel, two prybars, a (32 or 36) MM socket and a standard tool set with sockets wrenches etc. I can't remember the size socket we have in her storage box as its been a while. That socket is required to get the axle out.

We carry this because she broke an axel and had to limp back to camp where we replaced it with a carquest CV axle which broke the next day. So we carry a fully rebuilt spare with the tools to get it off

Also good to carry fluids (Brake, Oil, Gear, Tranny and Coolant if you have room)

The list is different for each vehicle and whether you want to do a full up repair or just be able to get off the trail. Yesterday 4 Knuckle bolts and washers and nuts where the parts keeping someone from getting off the trail. Fortunately, we had some and where able to fix them.

When you travel with similar vehicles, you can strategize who will carry what.

I personally carry, front and rear axles, one birfield, all the seals and gaskets and tools to replace that. A rear drive shaft. heater hoses, Fused links, fuses, several key relays required to start a vehicle, spare brake lines and fan belts. Probably a few other things as well

Don't forget the Duct tape and bailing wire (seriously)

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