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Well… looks like we are a bit late on posting… it’s been fun to see all the picts. We’ll put some up also.

First Off: THANK YOU!!

We had a blast being on the run with you all. We had never been to Bill Moore Lake and it did not disappoint. As others have noted, there was a lot of beautiful scenery with the wild flowers in bloom.

It was refreshing to be welcomed into the club so kindly. Seeing everyone pull together to help out Friends in need was comforting. (Sorry about the front axel issue, sounds like there was a lot learned from the whole ordeal, Christopher now has several pieces of equipment he’s adding to the “we-need-for-wheeling list”). We’ve been going out mostly on our own playing it safe and taking it easy, but after seeing RS in action, it would be nice to expand our territory and go out with the group on more difficult trails. This seems like just the type of crew we have been hoping to find. Surely we’ll be showing up to an upcoming meeting at Stevenson as we live right up the road.

Idelle, I was thrilled to see another lady driving. Knowing that you were driving gave me the courage to claim the keys for the ride up. I’m sorry that I will be working the Saturday of the Ladies in 80s run … but I’ll be keeping an eye out for another trip!

Secondly: the 2 dogs are doing well.

After a bit of a trail ride, they fell asleep side by side for the highway ride back to Denver. When we arrived at Dumb Friends League, they were much more relaxed. We discovered they are both girls. They were kept together in a run of their own and given some dinner. They did not have microchips, as they will be on a “lost and found” hold for the next several days. I checked on them this morning and again this evening – they are adjusting well. The more dominant one has gotten friendlier and seems to have a minor soft-tissue injury on the front paw but is no longer limping. They have been vaccinated and need to go through a behavioral evaluation prior to adoption.

They are Kendra A056007 and Kara A056008 if anyone is interested in 2 trail proven dogs… Here it comes… a shameless plug for the Denver Dumb Friends League: any donations to help with their care would be greatly appreciated


working on downsizing the pictures for uploading...
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