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dang.. ok, now that I have some time:
I guess i never thought about what I carry in the truck..

I carry

a full set of 3/8" and 1/2" drive sockets, some spare front hubs, full set of open wrenches, socket for the lug nuts, socket for the pinion flanges, hub socket, screwdrivers, random bag of nuts and bolts, FIRE EXTINGUISHER, soldering iron, wiring, spare fuses, some relays with big breakers, a few spare headlight and taillight bulbs, lots of electrical tape, a roll of duct tape, zip ties, some bailing wire (which I love), locktite, some pinion nuts, about two quarts of gear oil, a gallon of water, a pack of ramen, and a bottle of break fluid, some doggie poop bags, a hi lift, 4 shackles, tree strap, snatch strap, gloves (which Tim tells me I need to use more often) I ditched the chain, a pulley, winch with synthetic rope, engine oil, bug spray, son screen first aid kit (pretty basic, but the bandaids are nice to have after a razorblade cut), usially lots aof water for me to drink, fridge with usually some beer and gatorade in it, fuel filter, fuel pump, hose clamps, hose for gas and heater stuff, cell phone, ham and CB, have teh 2010 repeater guide, and some maps from utah to wyoming with a compass a lighter (actually I think like 4 lighters) two headlamps, a can of copenhagen, and some cigarette tobacco for in case I gotta sit down and think. FOr trips to like back east or Utah, throw in all my spare parts that I have.

Most of that stuff was cumulative after the strap in the back seat and the right foot foolish enough to get me in a bad situation.
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