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Hey guys, Iíll have to second what Christine said. It sure was nice to have met you all & just incredible to see the club in action. Itís rare to find that kind of integrity, teamwork & friendship anymore, right on. I still think the coolest thing for me was seeing all those cruisers on one trail at once & meeting so many nice folksÖ

The Dogs like Christine said where reunited with their owners. She went to visit them this afternoon & they were gone. The owners found them on the DFL website. They said that they had been gone about 4 days, hopefully they will get some tags w/#ís on them now.

I canít think of where they lived maybe St Maryís Alice? Even as the crow flyís thatís gota be more than 5 miles. Guess Winter Park or Empire could be possibilitiesÖ

Picís as promised
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