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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
What? I hate complexity that is unnecessary. If I have to go through some convoluted sequence to do something that should be simple, I'll probably not do it right.

The nature of my work (I'm an embedded systems hardware engineer doing high reliability aerospace applications) is very complex and I do very intimately know why safe removal is supposedly needed and the roots of potential corruption.

But on the PCs, well, I just don't care.

I remember years ago when Windows first came out Microsoft had a huge problem with people corrupting their file system because they weren't doing a shut down before powering off. Before Windows you just flipped the power switch and DOS didn't care. Eventually Windows was modified so that if you didn't shutdown at least it could recover. Now the power button is a soft switch that sends the shut down command and deactivates the power via relay, the way it should be. Simple for the user, the machine adapts to the human.

So it is with thumb drives. You shove the sucker in, so the obvious reverse is to just yank the sucker out. I mean they figured out auto-mounting volumes like a million years ago, so what's odd with auto-unmounting them, too?
Um er OK.....

This is why I avoid PCs. (Piece o Crap) Love my MAC network. Not as complicated. So just yanker er out...... Stop with the details... YANK!!! When all else fales.... REBOOT!!
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