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Default Need Cherokee troubleshooting help

I know, I's a J**p....
But it's my daughters, and she got it free, and it's all she can afford.
It's an 89 cherokee laredo with the 4.0 liter renix based injection sytem. It all of a sudden started running really rough and we had it towed home about a month ago. Since then, we've been trying to figure it cat, new tps, new cps, new o2 sensor, new bunch of other sensors...cleaned out throttle body and injectors, new plugs, new bunch of other stuff....we thought maybe it was bad gas, so we drained the tank and replaced with new gas...let it run for about an hour...still no luck...
This pos has no check engine light..there is a proprietary tool that can read codes but hardly anyone has one anymore....some dealers have them, but I don't want to pay more for a diagnosis than the car is worth.
Anyway...I was hoping there might be a Cherokee pro out there who could help us diagnose the problem.
Can't afford much in the way of payment, but can certainly provide and food!!
Thanks in advance for any help.
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