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You do need a special wrench to remove them, but you'll eventually need the wrench to service them anyway. Eventually you'll get a leak.

If you make it down south, Mountain Beverage Supply has had a bunch of kegs for sale pretty cheap. They are just north of Fountain IIRC. I bought about a dozen.

They are handy for more than kegging the end product. I leave my beer in a primary (V-Vessel) fermenter for no more than a week then drain that into a keg for secondary fermentation after drawing off the bottom stuff. Then about 6 weeks later after secondary fermentation is complete I transfer the finished product from one keg to another through a 1 micron filter to clarify the beer. When I'm done kegging I use another empty keg to force sanitizer and fresh water through my gear for cleanup.

Once you have a few kegs you'll want a bunch of different lines and fittings + a spare CO2 tank and regulator to configure them for different tasks. The kegs can make the whole brewing process much quicker and easier.

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