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Originally Posted by leiniesred View Post
If you want bigger tires, it is $5000
Yup, this is about right when I add up OME suspension, 33" tires, gears, Air Lockers, Total Chaos arm, etc. So your estimate of $10K to do SAS is probably not far off when you start running down all the solid axle stuff that needs to be done right. Other than having Christo and Robbie do my gears and lockers, it's all my blood and sweat.

The path to 33" is not difficult and with the SDORI ball joint spacers the performance isn't too bad. Like Jeff mentioned, that is what I ran through the Rubicon. So it's a matter of how much you want to invest in the hobby.

FWIW, not everyone has big bucks invested in their trucks. That $5,000 in SAS money has given me far more satisfaction in Tua Nitrogen/Icelantic Pilgrim/Scarpa SL M3/Santa Cruz Blur LT form than it could have ever doing those last 10% of motorized trails.
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