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Default 40 Series Vapor Lock

On the Triple Bypass run this weekend, Bob (40Zen) was having vapor lock issues. I mentioned to him that my 78 FJ-40 had been converted to a 60 Series fuel pump and the recirc line went from the fuel pump back to the tank, versus from the carb back to the fuel pump. Below are photos first of Bob's stock fuel system (two lines to the carb - supply/return) then my 60 series set-up (single fuel line to carb - supply only). I have NEVER had a vaporlock with this rig (I live at 10,000 feet and wheel uphill from here).
First two are Bob's stock rig, second three are my set-up. I think there is a spacer needed between the pump and the block on the 60 set-up.
Hope this helps someone. Terry
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