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Gasohol (now unavoidable) has always caused vapor lock in my stock 1978 '40. My current 'final solution' is a Carter motor type (not vibrator) electric fuel pump mounted ahead of the factory pump, and about 6" lower. It has worked well. My '76 FJ55 was so bad with vapor locking that it left me stranded - first time any 'cruiser did that. I installed a Carter pump at the tank and eliminated the OEM pump - completely fixed it. FJ60-style systems have proven less troublesome across the board than the earlier stuff, for me.

I am no fan of electric fuel pumps (especially Holley junk), but I can't have a vehicle that threatens to kill me by stalling 45 seconds after starting the engine from a hot/parked condition. And yes, I have replaced all the OEM pumps with OEM pumps time and again to no avail. Cursed? Perhaps. But, an electric pump, mounted low and as close to the tank as possible, will save the day.
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