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FWIW, I've never had any vapor locking problems in the 5+ years I've had my FJ40. I always run 85 octane. I have done everything from run over Pearl Pass, Argentine Pass (13+,000 ft), Mosquito Pass (13+,000 ft), Red Cone, Radical Hill, Red Elephant Hill (steep inclines), as well as run around Denver stop-and-go traffic in the middle of summer heat. It's a stock 10/76 Federal spec. (1977 model year) FJ40 (with no cooling fan), with some of the smog components removed (basically only the air rail and smog pump), and my carburetor is a 9/77-12/78 Federal spec. carb, and my jet settings look stock for '78 from what I have researched.

I'm just saying that it seems reasonable to me that the stock setup shouldn't have vapor locking issues, but if you've tried everything else in the book then maybe you need to look into other options to fix it.

Okay, there's my two cents. I'll get off my high horse now.
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