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Originally Posted by PabloCruise View Post
When I lived down in New Mexico I would get occasional vapor lock. A mechanic said that an old trucker trick is to put a quart of ATF in with a tank and that would help with the vapor lock.

I tried it, it worked.
Cough, Cough! Bet that smelled a little also.

Thanks for the many ideas. I have a NOS pump on there from a few months after I got the cruiser. That didn't work. I am going to try Terry's suggestion first, since the higher octane does not really work in my situation. I have tried that several times before and it makes a little difference, not not enough. I really don't see why I need a return line at all. I definitely know that fuel delivery to the carb is at best - weak, but only when hot. I never have the problem in cooler months.
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