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Originally Posted by coax View Post
Great thread, and just in time! I'm just about to get a fuse block to hook up the aux lights for a (hopefully) upcoming trip.

What wire were you able to tap into for the switched? And is the block installed in the engine bay or in the cab? I was initially thinking of going the blue sea route, but the fact that I'd probably leave something turned on when the car wasn't running makes me reconsider. But the one thing stopping me was trying to figure out which wire to tap for that. I think I read a few folks on mud tap the cig. lighter for in-cab work, but is there something better in the engine bay?
I've got both- one inside in the rear cargo area, and one under the hood. I would recommend you put it inside, presuming most of your accessories will also be inside, as my grommet on the DS firewall is completely packed with wires...

I am tapping into the fuse block that's by your left knee, into the radio fuse, for the pink wire that triggers the relay to turn on the accessory-only fuses. Yeah there's probably something in the engine bay too, you just need it to be 12v when the key is on, and nothing when the key is off.. the only load is enough juice to flip a relay.
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