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Originally Posted by PhatFJ View Post
Hi all, I just picked up a 1993 350ci with TBI injection that I am going to drop into the 40 in lieu of the existing 327. At the same time, I am going to get things set up right in the engine compartment and re-locate the motor and mounts. With this said, I will be needing the drive shafts reworked. Any thoughts on where I should take them, or should I consider replacing these (I think stock) shafts with new ones to handle the increased power and torque? Thanks in advance for the advice!!!!

Depends on what you need done. If you are just changing the length go to the place in Englewood or Rocky Mtn Driveline.

Is your front axle cut & turned and/or is your rear pinion rotated upwards towards your T-Case output? Some times folks do those things but don't convert their DS to a double cardan joint and you will get vibration and premature U joint failure. Both of the outfits above can also do double cardan conversions.

If you want to go to a heavier duty DS (not a bad idea with a V8) go online and check out Tom Woods Custom shafts. His prices are competitive with the local places but he can build you a shaft that uses 1310 or 1350 spicer U joints that will give you a 30-40% increase in strength over the Toyota stuff. He also makes extreme high angle shafts if you need it.
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