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Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
I would use a regular old in-line fuse holder that uses a blade type fuse instead of a fusible link. It's cheap and easy to buy spare fuses and easy to determine if you have a blown fuse. Plus you can buy the various sizes of in-line fuse holders at WalMart, Checker, Autozone, etc.
I agree, fuses makes sense. Problem is that the biggest ATC type blade fuse is 40A and most of those molded inline holders are 10AWG or smaller, so maybe 30A max. That might or might not work, but is fairly limiting (particularly if you are running a 12 position fuse block) or just want to feed with something heavier to minimize voltage drop. The Maxi or FLB type fuses are available in higher currents, but unfortunately aren't usually easy to find at Autozone and what-not, although you can get them at NAPA, car audio and marine shops.
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