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Default Anybody in Denver have a press and axle jig?

Hey guys,

I'm not a member but have been wheeling with a bunch of you before. Just wondering if anyone in Denver area has a shop press and the jig for pressing the axle shaft out of the rear wheel bearing assembly. I don't have a press, or an axle housing to cut down to make the jig, but would buy lunch for anyone who would let me use theirs. I already pulled the axle apart, and need to replace both wheel bearings. Let me know if you can help me out. I am free all day tomorrow, but could come during the weekend too. I know its possible to do it without the press and jig, but trying to smash it out or try to figure out how to do it without doesn't sound like much fun.

It is going to be a big weekend though, since I'm hoping to replace my clutch, do 4.7 gears in one of my t-cases (I have duals) and reinstall my rebuilt 22re, so tomorrow is prefered for the axle stuff.

Let me know if you can help me out.

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