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Default projects, driveshaft shop plug

I haven't had a lot of trailtime this year because my junk isn't quite up to standard, but I'm getting there. I have to drive this thing every day so I can't work with extended down-times.

2 nights ago I finally installed my HP5.29 front diff. I've been "breaking it in" with the hubs unlocked in 4high for 2 days now. Everything feels great. I can buzz down the highway at 75 without (serious) vibrations. "Front Range driveshaft" built my long travel front driveshaft and it is balanced better than my old stock IFS front driveshaft! Really smooth especially considering the agricultural spline slip yoke on it.

Tonight I plan on taking apart the 4.88 V6 ARB that was up front and rebuilding it as a 5.29 for the back.
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