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OK so backwards reading from Mr. Wells book didn't score me any points with the wife.

Buena heading to Denver or (Hwy 24/285) via 371, 375, 375A, 311, semi new to the area, map does not show all of the roads that intersect with the main road, storm rolling in, wife is a little skeptical about wheeling, easy drive for the most part. Something just didn't connect between the map, the map description and my wife. and then me! The mileage log doesn't help if you make several wrong turns.

Reading Backwards from a description is a little more challenging for some then others.

We did get to see a lot of great area, but the bottom line is we were not prepared. Not enough investigation about our path. it was all on google map!
No compass, not that it would have helped at the time but it could have. The wife was a little scared. tensions were rising. Starting to rain, lightning, thunder and then steep ass descent with equal climb out at dusk, buy ourselves. What would you do?

It turns out we were not far from the intersection of 311 and 309 in the four mile area. At dusk, by ourselves, No radio, storm blowing in, I turned around and went back to Buena on a path that I knew.

And No... My recovery kit is not what it should be.

Chuckle as you will, I know I will!

Whats your story, what turned you from I can do it! to maybe I need a little more gear or better yet another rig in the group.
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