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Default stolen trailer

some of you guys know the farm this email from one of them last night. pics didn't come through, so i'll get him to resend...i fyou have any info, he can be reached at

Hey guys! I'm still in the Virgin Islands but got a call this morning that
my flatbed trailer had been stolen from my office on Van Gordon Street and
the I-70 frontage road. It must have happened some time this weekend.

Ige, can you please post this on the Rising Sun website or email it to your
members. I figure that would be my biggest chance of having it spotted by
someone and getting a call back. Chances are, the trailer has left town but
who knows. Check out the photos.

I have made several modifications since this picture was taken. I have
welded bolts onto the ramps so that I could tilt them back further for
towing two cruisers (so they both would fit). Also, there should be holes
in the driver side wheel well where I had mounted the license plate
vertically. Additionally, there is a small dent in the passenger side wheel
well on top and was rusting a little bit through the paint last time I
looked. The trailer has a 26' deck and two 7000 lb axles (torsion axles not
leaf springs). The 26' includes the rear dove tail that tapers closer to
the ground. It is a Kearney trailer but you wouldn't be able to tell
without the VIN plate which probably has been stripped off already. There
is also two tool boxes underneath the gooseneck for chain storage.

I reported this to the police this morning but you know how that goes.

FYI- I assumed that home owners would cover this, but apparently anything
with a vin number needs individual coverage. Therefore, I'm up **** creek
without a paddle. I'll be taking the old cruiser to the trailhead the old
fashion way I guess. It just goes to show you that a trailer queen can
become a drama queen over night.

Thanks a lot guys! Keep your eyes peeled.

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