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Default Overheating under load

97 fzj80 with 168k miles. I have searched and checked the Faq on Mud but can seem to find any answers to my problem.
According to my scanguage II It was running around 190-200 in the city but if i went up an incline at highway speed or in the city It would shoot up, i had to put on the heaters a few times because it would get to 215-220 and keep going if i didn't stop.
I started trying to diagnose, first thing was a new rad cap and it didn't do anything. Flushed the rad (looked fine inside) and temps went down a few degrees but still very hot.
So i went ahead and bought a new Radiator (performance radiator), Thermostat, and fan clutch and did a complete coolant flush with Toyota red.
My temps have gone down alot but im still getting hot up bigger inclines. Its running around 185-193city but going up hills like canyon or lee hill its getting up to 215 and doesn't seem to stop.
I have not done a compression check but i did replace the plugs a week ago and all were dry, also im not having any bubbling in the overflow so i don't think it's the HG.

Im at a loss of what else to do, could the water pump cause these symptoms? Any other suggestions?
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