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Default Stuck brake drum?

Working on replacing my wheel bearings, but currently stuck on getting the drum off.

Its rusted onto the axle flange. Its sitting with penetrating oil overnight, and got some oil prior to attempting to remove it.

So far, I've done the following:

Attempted the usual, remove with the threaded removal screw holes. The screws came out eventually, with all the rusted threads attached. The drum hasn't budged.

Tried pulling off the various rubber grommets on the back of the backing plate and using a punch to pound the drum off. Resulted in part of my punch remaining somewhere inside the assembly, and the rest in my hand.

Tried drilling a small hole on the edge of the backing plate to get to the edge of the drum with another punch. No dice.

Its sitting in penetrating oil over night currently.

I will try to heat it sparingly tomorrow, unless there are better ideas, but burning asbestos dust really doesn't appeal to me.

I'm half way tempted to start cutting, as a used drum from the yard isn't likely to be too expensive. However, this is thick steel, and before I go medieval on it, and potentially hit sensitive, more expensive parts inside, I thought I'd check for better options.

I'd like to ditch this axle eventually in favor of something 80 series-ish. Therefore, I don't want to dump a ton of money into the guts other than making it safe (it needs new bearings pretty badly).


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